FF-1051 Gallery is pleased to present MAD X SICK, an exhibition of new works by internationally renowned Los Angeles-based artists Nick Van Hofwegen and Sean Kushner. The exhibition features new acrylic-on-canvas paintings, imaginative hand-finished skate decks, hand-embellished guitars and found objects. Creatively playful, with strokes of the surreal MAD X SICK brings together the vibrancy and energy of van Hofwegen & Kushner’s works. Kushner’s neon bright paintings push back at the viewer with sharp and darkly humorous current social commentary, while van Hofwegen’s cosmic creatures and patterns pull the observer inward to spiritual reflection.

Taken in, in its entirety MAD X SICK is a striking curation that toys with the intersection of what and where beauty and reality are found in contemporary culture. Upending expectations, from the materials of the works to poignant and witty revelations about the very devices and ways we access art Nick van Hofwegen and Sean Kushner’s works combine and contrast into an undeniably arresting whole.

Nick brings the spirit of his music to his creations with a Made in LA flair of installation works. Nick van Hofwegen's artistry transcends across materials with a skillful playfulness, from paintings on canvas to a hand-painted toy piano. Inspired by the prints and paintings of Joan Miro’, a series of galactic totem animals frequent the work. This is Nick van Hofwegen’ first exhibition in Los Angeles.

Sean’s brightly illustrated pages of fearless cultural commentary harken back to vintage MADD Magazine. Sean’s world is made up of larger than life canvas pages that tell their stories with humor and wit. Yet, the subject of his work is sometimes hard to look at. His figures crave affirmation on social media or are physically obsessed with managing their appearance, or have a material and notoriety obsession that cradles the edge of self-destruction.