Artists for World Peace, a Connecticut-based nonprofit organization will be presenting a three-day show at the Salomon Arts Gallery.

In September of 2017, through the vision of AFWP’s founder Wendy Black-Nasta, Artists for World Peace launched its 6X6 4 Peace Project. Artists were invited to create a painting on a six-inch-by-six-inch canvas that they would then donate to AFWP. The response was overwhelming. In just three weeks AFWP received 1,500 canvases from artists throughout the United States. The 6x6 inch canvases are displayed side-by-side in what AFWP calls its “Peace Walls,” a symbol of peace, unity, and hope. All proceeds from the sale of canvases will fund AFWP’S Native Eyes Project, which is providing free eye care to Native American communities.

In addition to the Peace Wall, the work of artists Keith Braveheart, Dwayne Wilcox, Todd Bordeaux, Leif Nilsson, Pablo Llana, Wendy Black-Nasta, Claudia Paul, Kamar Thomas, and Regina Silvers will be featured, as well as live painting; portraits by Barnaby Ruhe and caricatures drawn live by cartoonist Bob Engelhart. Also featured will be live music.

Artists for World Peace promotes peace by feeding, housing, educating and providing healthcare to those in need, lifting communities to a place of hope. Through its global family of artists and activists, AFWP has become the recognized catalyst for peace and self-sufficiency by providing replicable, sustainable humanitarian projects—one community at a time.