Taylor | Graham is pleased to present a selection of exceptional works by Vivian Springford (1914-2003), one of the most strikingly independent female artists of the twentieth century. On the heels of her inclusion in the Denver Art Museum’s Women of Abstract Expressionism, the gallery continues to celebrate Springford’s work, a tradition first established when her stain paintings were shown at Taylor | Graham in 2014.

Having earned the respect of art-world giants Harold Rosenberg, Leon Mnuchin, and Walasse Ting, to name just a few, Springford boasts a rich body of work described by the New York Times critic Grace Glueck as “exuberant” with “expressive fervor.” From her stark black 1950s canvases to her ethereal stain paintings of the 1970s and 80s, Springford’s work tempers vivacious color with a diaphanous style of paint handling, her compositions stunning in their imposing elegance.

With this exhibition Taylor | Graham will exclusively highlight the most complete and commanding examples from Springford’s oeuvre.