K. Imperial Fine Art is pleased to present its first solo exhibition of the work of Mario Trejo. “Sentients” features selections from the artist’s most recent body of work.

Mario Trejo’s practice centers around mark-making… hundreds and even thousands of sweeping or intimate marks. Simultaneously chaotic and ordered, a balanced composition reveals a structure of dynamic, chance gestures each holding the drama and discomfort of the process until the piece itself is vibrating with energy.

My work features extensive accumulations that visually explore eternity and struggle through manic mark making. Considering the concepts of time, space and number, I create hundreds of thousands of marks, exhibiting conscious and sensitive attention to both detail and the whole. I begin to form small universes, each a relic of the arduous performance of repeated gestures. Reconciling personal experience with the ideas of measurement and disorder in conceptual layers; the compulsive mark reflects the eternal battle between myself and my surroundings, but the product becomes a facsimile of the sublime remoteness of the universe in miniature, revealing at once loneliness, futility, chaos and uncertainty. This work is a metaphor for the fragile imperium under which we all reside.

(Mario Trejo)

Trejo received his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and his BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago. He exhibits internationally, including regular shows in Tokyo and Canada as well as museum shows including a solo exhibition at Elmhurst Art Museum (IL). His work is in various collections including the collection of the City of Seattle. Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, Mario currently lives and works in Seattle, WA.