Saying no is easy, almost too easy, but yes can lead to yes, which opens up possibility: repetition, continuation, communication. People say we have to watch our thoughts, as thoughts become actions and actions can become our habits. I try to say what I mean.

Looking can be like listening. When you look and listen really hard it can be worth it, but doing it can also be like saying no. Sometimes it's worth just simply seeing (and listening): just taking in everything in front of you and every thought that comes with it.

People misunderstand me. I misunderstand them. But when we do understand each other it's wonderful. I just forget that it takes time.

'Yes I will Yes' features work by nine artists, one from LA, two from London and six from New York. The work chosen for the exhibition includes modes of image repetition, layering and juxtaposition in an attempt to examine the differences and similarities that exist between thought and communication.

Current highlights for the exhibiting artists are listed here. Uri Aran is currently exhibiting in The Encyclopedic Palace at the Venice Biannale and had a solo exhibition at Gavin Brown and the Kunsthalle Zurich, Switzerland this past fall/winter; David Berezin recently displayed new work at the Sculpture Centre in January and had a solo presentation at the Columbus Museum of Art; Cynthia Daignault has work this summer at White Columns and MKG127, Toronto amongst others and wlll have her first solo exhibition with Lisa Cooley in September; Joel Holmberg exhibited with American Contemporary in January and has also recently shown at the New Museum and Kettles Yard, Cambridge, England; Matt Keegan had a two person exhibition at the Kitchen with Eileen Quinlan titled 'Y? O! G... A' in 2012 and a solo exhibition at Pedro Cera in 2013; Margaret Lee was the recipient of the Artadia NADA Award, 2012 and was recently included in MHMMML with Matthew Higgs and Marlon Mullen at Murray Guy, The Green Gallery and International Art Objects; Jimmy Merris was awarded the Studio Voltaire Members' Show Award selected by Mike Nelson and Jenni Lomax and was given a Frieze Film commission for the 2012 Frieze Art Fair; Oliver Osborne has upcoming solo shows with Frutta, Rome and Vilma Gold, London and recently exhibited with Mihai Nicodim in Los Angeles; Amanda Ross-Ho had solo exhibitions with Mitchell Innes and Nash, Shane Campbell Gallery and the MCA Chicago in 2013 as well as a solo exhibition at MoCA, LA in 2012.

Text by Matthew Dipple