Andrew Edlin Gallery is pleased to present Money Down, a solo installation by David Jelinek. Exhibition dates are July 10 – August 17, 2013, and marks the first time Jelinek, 49, has showed with the gallery.

Having collected tens of thousands of discarded scratch-off lottery tickets, Jelinek will reconfigure them on the floor of the gallery. While lottery cards come in many colors, costs, and combinations, they all offer one thing: hope. As players scratch their cards to reveal their fate, the expressions on their faces shift from excitement and nervous anticipation to sober awareness and disappointment. They toss their losing tickets onto the floor of the store, into a garbage can, or onto the sidewalk. Only to be played out again and again and again.

“Hope and loss. Hope and loss. I kept seeing it, and the loss resonated with me,” says Jelinek. “I had recently lost my home and marriage, and my hearing after a serious car accident. Given my state, I began to look at loss as encompassing hope, and not the other way around. The tickets are beautiful even when seemingly worthless. They have a history that I want to reframe.”

David Jelinek is an artist, teacher and writer. He has had solo exhibitions at White Columns, Edward Thorp Gallery and OK Harris. He has just completed his second book entitled The Accidental Diet.