UNA is pleased to present Irene Fenara’s solo exhibition Blinds and other Cloudings, the third event in the annual exhibition programme organised in collaboration with Spazio Leonardo, the new space of Leonardo Assicurazioni - Generali Milano Liberazione.

Irene Fenara continues her research into the aesthetics of supervision and control for this exhibition, devised for the gallery of Spazio Leonardo, and presents a selection of images from surveillance cameras saved from the continuous fow cancelled every 24 hours, underlining the contrast between a highly functional activity and equally powerful aesthetics. Irene’s interest is particularly focused on blurred images where the fogged view and ‘blindness’ of the equipment raise doubts about the essence of the image. A catalogue with a critical text by Francesco Zanot and site-specifc installation views of the project will be available.

"Irene Fenara’s artistic work explores the gesture behind every aspect of photography - watching. She observes, investigates and interprets the way cameras look at us. We pass in front of hundreds of mechanical eyes every day and, here, Irene Fenara concentrates on surveillance cameras. Use of these devices has spread for control and security, to protect us from others, yet, in turn, they trigger a certain insecurity. The images produced are often unclear, marred by a series of errors, such as an obstacle in front of the lens, a defect in resolution or an obvious alteration of colour. They see and transform reality just as our eyes do, catapulting us into an alternative, mysterious universe.”