Wunderkammern is glad to present the first Italian solo show by the artist Franco Fasoli - Jaz, Memoria y Recuerdo, in the Milanese gallery.

Franco Fasoli (Buenos Aires 1981), AKA JAZ, is an Argentinian artist, among the first ones to make a change from Writing to Street Art.

After his studies in ceramics, painting and drawing at the IUNA (Instituto University Naciónal de Art), he focuses on Scenography at the institute of Theater Colón. He begins to paint at the end of the nineties in the streets of his city, Buenos Aires and with the passing of the years his works are exhibited in numerous countries worldwide, as he participates to international festivals and constantly works towards the realization of mural interventions.

Eclectic studies have allowed the artist to vary techniques and materials, going from the classic paint to tar, from petrol to spray and to paper. The use of different artistic means creates dynamism within his works, where themes such as identity, the human condition, conflict and duality revolve.

Franco Fasoli develops a reflection on existence, especially in relation to the Argentine socio-political context, using elements derived from Latin American culture such as the tiger and masks or depictions of fights in symmetric compositions.

Wunderkammern presents Franco Fasoli's solo show, Memoria Y Recuerdo, for the first time in Italy at the gallery in Milan. On this occasion the artist has decided to reflect on the monumental heritage legacy of his city, Buenos Aires. Therefore he has personally reproduced a monument of the Argentinian history with which he travels from Spain, France to finally install it in Italy. During the trip the artist performs the memory of his roots. This performance will become a remembrance when the artist will share his photographs with the public. This installation will be present in his first solo show in Italy alongside with medium and large format collages, as well as with small-format ceramic sculptures.