Maddox Gallery is pleased to present ‘The Coronation,’ an exhibition of new works by New York based artist Bradley Theodore.

Over the past three years, Theodore’s meteoric rise and vibrant large-scale works have captured the attention of the art world and earned him frequent comparisons to Jean-Michel Basquiat. Now, his latest exhibition, ‘The Coronation’ sees Theodore embark upon a new direction; turning his focus to history’s regal anarchists, this new series alludes to a number of significant, culturally historic moments which Theodore has reinterpreted in his own signature style.

The works – all of which have symbolic importance - achieve the illusion of reworking history through a number of vivid scenes. Some include poignant readings of historical figures such as HM Queen Elizabeth II, Marie Antoinette and Louis XIII. Drawing attention to tribalism and the chaos and corruption of modern civilisation, Theodore’s provocative re-imaginings, with their colourful iconography and layered symbols, challenge the viewer to explore a time before Western society ran the world. Interweaving his own interpretations with intelligence and wit, the arresting paintings detail our complex history as a global society and urge viewers to confront what the world’s crowning achievements were once perceived to be, and what they will be in the future based on the actions we collectively make today.

The new paintings were created after the artist travelled across the world for twelve months, painstakingly collecting pigment for his colour palette. They add an atmospheric and abstract layer to instantly-recognisable imagery and capture the self-awareness and self-preservation of some of history’s most renowned characters in an entirely modern way. 'The Coronation' is a vehicle for narrative, history, sentiment and symbolism by one of the most exciting artists working today.

This is Maddox Gallery’s third exhibition of Theodore’s work following a 2017 show in London, and his first solo exhibition in the UK in 2016. The exhibition is comprised across two floors of the gallery’s flagship Mayfair townhouse location, with over thirty new works (including works on paper) and the remaking of an experiential installation in the lower floor of Maddox Gallery.