These artists explore constructive abstraction resulting in 3D works that combine principles of mechanics, psychics, electronics, sound, magnetism and movement with elegance and finesse.

Hans Kooi’s work focuses on the infinite movement of nature using movement as a true phenomenon and as an optical illusion.

By incorporating a magnet inside different shapes and materials, Kooi is creating works with magnetic fields that question the idea of stability.

His sculptures are at the border between nature and technical sciences. By using magnetism, Hans Kooi is searching for something between balance and disorientation, attraction and repulsion.

The work of Luis Millé consists of light three-dimensional sculptures that are made of powder-coated aluminium and synthetic strings that play with space and tension.

His sculptures are made with multiple strings that are arranged according to different orientations, constructed by fragile synthetic lines, following a rigorous geometric logic. The sculpted volumes expand as the components detach from the body of the work to intensify the contrast with the voids. The artworks create new spatial dynamics where poetic intention is manifested in a subtle but intense way.

Swiss artist Pe Lang has a background in electronics, computer programming and experimental music. In his works he is using psychics and electronics as the main medium, emphasizing the role of the observer and inviting us to rethink the notion of technology. Lang consistently challenges the idea of a fixed, immutable reality by exploring the boundaries of possibilities.