Coagula Curatorial Art Gallery is pleased to present Border Bang 2, an exhibition of original new and bootlegged art works organized by celebrated artist, animator, writer, and movie director Jorge R. Gutierrez.

Border Bang 2 continues Jorge’s passionate love letter to the cultural collisions that occur out of the Tijuana and US border, rendering his versions of the bootleg artifacts sold to locals and tourists alike.

Re-appropriating the bombardment of pop culture images is the border’s reaction to global issues and events. In cultural spaces marked by hybridity, viewers and consumers know not to glorify the political but rather to acknowledge its cultural impact through subversive presentation.

In an era where cultural appropriation policing has become a favored virtue signaling strategy, Gutierrez remind us that artistic inspiration can come from anywhere and should be open to anyone.

Border Bang 2 is the sequel to Jorge’s triumphant debut solo show at the Gregorio Escalante Gallery in 2016. This exhibit was originally intended for the Gregorio Escalante Gallery and will feature paintings, prints, sculptures and an altar to the late Greg Escalante in tribute. Jorge’s work in the show is included in the hardcover book Border Bang to be published in October by Cernunnos and released the day after the exhibition opens with a book signing.

While the original Border Bang featured vibrant and colorful pop culture portraits in the style of his award-winning animated films, Border Bang 2 delves deeper into the theme of art at the site of cultural collisions and investigates themes of appropriation, knock-offs, homages, and the outright absconding of intellectual property.

Gutierrez has brought along five artistic border comrades for this edition, each reveling in the possibilities that borrowing and bootlegging bring to visual art when it takes on pop culture.