To mark the 25th Anniversary of Jonathan Cooper, Park Walk Gallery, the gallery is delighted to announce an exhibition of new work by each of the twenty - seven artists the gallery represents.

The exhibition highlights the gallery’s continuing focus on promoting artist’s creating new perspectives within the ‘traditional’ genre of Representational art, encompassing Wildlife, Botanical, Landscape, Still Life and Portraiture.

Works include a portrait drawing by BP Portrait Award winner Craig Wylie, Still lifes by Helen Simmonds and James Gillick; flower photography by acclaimed garden designer Isabel Bannerman, Landscape paintings by Ben Henriques and Tim Allen Lawson; a large scale botanical watercolour by Rosie Sanders and humorous and decorative works by Rebecca Campbell and Melissa Launay. Alongside animal sculpture by Tanya Brett and Georgina Warne.

The gallery has continued to thrive despite shifts in fashions, gaining a reputation for championing contemporary representational artists. The galleries continued success is a mark of Jonathan’s passion for the work he shows and integrity in only showing work he absolutely believes in.