Whether deceptively real water landscapes, powerful streams of colour flowing in and over each other, dynamic splashes or transcendent worlds of colour on the border between magic and mysticism - Christian Awe's pictures are abstract and yet close to the figurative. They embody the artist's pleasure of experimenting, exploring artistic possibilities, working with colour contrasts, light and shadow, expressing emotions and capturing the moment.

Based on the series of his water paintings, the Ludorff Gallery presents the exhibition "transcend", with new works by Awe. Three-dimensional color landscapes blur the boundaries between fiction and reality; the viewer can experience the illusion of real drops of water wetting the canvas. In his own energetic conceptual painting style, Christian Awe lets paint flow over the painted, almost photographically realistic looking background as if by chance. They are colour eruptions that combine with gestural splashes to a playful, airy, floating overall composition.

Expanding his previous work, Awe intentionally reduces this dynamic in his latest works. Now trickles of transparent tones lie like a veil partially over the layers beneath them and flow down into delicate rivers reminiscent of tears. They invite you to discover something previously unknown among the obvious. "transcend" - going beyond the familiar, expanding space and one's own boundaries and rising above it. The title of this exhibition seems almost spiritual. In our often hectic and rationally determined world, the place becomes harder to breathe, to free your soul and spirit and to live your emotions. It's possible here.