Ro2 Art is proud to present Transitions No. 2, a solo exhibition featuring new works by artist James Zamora. The show will run from September 22 through October 27, 2018. There will be an opening reception held Saturday, September 22, from 7-10pm at the Ro2 Art Downtown Pop-Up located at 1508 Commerce Street in downtown Dallas.

Zamora’s work is about our immediate reaction to what we see and how we internalize these visuals on a subconscious level. Zamora’s work in Transitions No. 2 features subjects from everyday life that may appear photorealistic at first glance, but have an affective painterly quality upon further inspection.

Using the images captured through the lens of a camera as a reference point, Zamora then adds a distinctive human contingence to ordinary scenes and objects, creating colors and small nuances seen only in memory.