Multiplicity takes Tinker’s instantly recognisable artworks to a new level. In this latest exhibition she has combined her love of handcrafting re-purposed foils and other items and placed her delicate arrays of tiny, miniature goblets or rows of miniature chairs inside complex infinity cases taking these repetition artworks a stage further and creating an intriguing combinaton of art and technology. We also see a new use of materials such as mirrors and led lights, and quirky inclusions of individual favorites such as Tunnocks, and chocolate coins.

Joanne’s artworks are on permanent display at the Science Museum alongside work from Vivian Westwood. Recently her artwork has appeared at London’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, at the New York Museum of Art and Design, and in the White Rabbit Collection, Sydney. Tinker was also recommended in The Miami Herald as one of the top picks for Art Miami / Basel week 2010. Her artworks have been featured in The Telegraph, The Evening Standard, and The Guardian as well as magazines such as Vogue, Homes and Property, Living Etc... To name a few.

“Foil has long since been my primary muse.

In Multiplicity, I’ve continued my love for this fragile, beautiful material, deconstructing and reconstructing to create a collection punctuated by reflection, repetition and light. Variations on these themes ripple across the collection, inducing a sense of familiarity, structure and surprise.

With roots in silversmithing and jewellery design, I remain fascinated by the miniaturisation of form together with the alchemical transformation of the everyday into something eye-catching and treasured.

As I walk down the confectionary aisle I don’t yearn for 90% cocoa, rather, I yearn for its iridescent wrapping, in which I see endless possibilities to reform, reshape and repeat.”