This will be our 3rd project with Wuidar after an exhibition at the end of 2016 around paintings from the 80s, and Art Brussels in spring 2017. This new exhibition also comes after the retrospective organized by White Cube in London, in April and June of this year.Regularly exhibited for 60 years in Belgium and Europe, and present in many public collections in Bel-gium, Léon Wuidar is one of the few Belgian artists who has, throughout his life, persevered in the path of constructive or concrete abstraction.

At the dawn of his 80 years, he finally began to receive the rec-ognition he deserved and was rediscovered by a new generation of international collectors and artists.Léon Wuidar often quotes as sources of inspiration both his childhood in Liége during and just after the war, as well as architecture and his friendship with the architect Charles Vandenhove. The title of the exhibition: INVENTAIRE comes from the text-poem written by Wuidar for the catalog that we will publish in September and which will be offered to the visitors of the exhibition.With Charles Vandehove, he collaborated on numerous in situ projects, including the Sart Tilman Hospital in Liège in the early 1970s (with amongst others Daniel Buren, Niele Toroni, and Sol LeWitt).

Vandenhove will also help him design his house and studio, on the heights of Esneux. A perfect example of the bru-talist and functionalist architecture of Vandenhove, Wuidar lives and works there always surrounded by nature, his collection and his books.Wuidar’s work is based on precision, discipline and humor; mixing shapes and colors to create harmo-nious, precise and meticulously balanced compositions. His paintings juxtapose squares, rectangles, polygons, and curves often surrounded by a double border of color and always finished by a simple wooden frame.

The selection of paintings for our September exhibition goes through 40 years of his life, and will show the diversity of his work with many important paintings from 1968 to 2008, sketchbooks, books he designed the bindings for, and issues of the magazine Mesure that he created with his friends Jo Delahaut, Jean-Pierre Maury, Marcel-Louis Baugniet, Victor Noel, Jean-Pierre Husquinet ans Jean-Jacques Bauweraerts.In addition, the Galerie Albert Dumont, where Rodolphe Janssen discovered Leon’s work in the spring of 2016, will present recent paintings from 2017, in contrast to works by Hilde De Bodt at Franck Sarfati.The exhibition will start at the same time as the Brussels Gallery Weekend and will be open for the occasion on Thursday 6th from 5 to 9 pm, and friday 7th untill Sunday 9th September from 10 am to 7 pm.