Geary is pleased to present Escaping, a series of new oil paintings by Ceyda Aykan. Aykan’s paintings, abstract patterns that float somewhere between architectural and landscape, absorb the viewer and suggest a voyage into the unknown. She works with sensuality, imbuing her paintings with a sense of nostalgia, and of searching for the past through terrains filled with pattern and texture.

Aykan’s work points to a slow process and suggests an ode to pointillism, but at the same time contains a sense of urgency and physical action, with stray marks and large swaths of unprimed canvas dotting the expansive surfaces.

The subject, whether a glass-paneled skyscraper or a snow-capped mountain range, gives the impression that it infinitely continues, far beyond the canvas. Aykan provides us with a wild and untamed component of the larger puzzle. She thinks of her paintings as dynamic and in an ever-changing state of change - perhaps, a shifting, fleeting memory.