LMAKgallery is pleased to present Conduition, the first solo exhibition by Liz Collins at the gallery. The exhibition is an iteration of Collins’ dynamic visual language, one in which she explores new materials, hybridizes design with sculptural objects, and experiments with scale.

Collins found it essential to title the show Conduition – a result of combining the word ‘conduit’ with ‘intuition’ and ‘condition’, also in reference to Dr. Daniel Siegel’s essay The Personal Self is a Construction: Understanding Energy Flow and How We Construct Information. In this article, Siegel states that ‘conduition’ is simply the state of being a conduit, which resonated with her ideas. Collins sees conduits as objects and beings that carry things through them, such as energy, current, liquid, electricity, emotions, and more.

In her work, Collins intersects art and design, utilizing different scales that often culminate in large immersive environments. Through Collins’ use of texture, material, and stimulating color, she generates evocative flows, fields, and vibrations. Each work represents a form of duality: chaos/order, pain/pleasure, light/dark, tension/release, open/closed- core concepts in Collins’ aesthetics.

In this exhibition, Collins shifts away from environments, focusing on the individual artworks. Although she thinks about individual pieces in the context of the others in the space, each work is meant to have its own identity. The essence of the exhibit is about the movement of energy. Electric currents, interconnectivity and energy exchange are represented by Collins’ stitched paintings, jacquard woven, knit, and embellished textiles, and needlepoint drawings.

Liz Collins is a New York based artist who has been working in art, design, fashion, installation, and performance for three decades. Employing a range of natural to synthetic materials, incorporating vivid colors, dynamic patterns, emphasizing textures and inventive structures, Collins enjoys pushing the limits and doing the unexpected across the spectrum of textile media.