For the twentieth iteration of deCordova’s PLATFORM series, Noémie Goudal brings her otherworldly photography to the Sculpture Park.

To create Telluris, the artist traveled to the Mojave Desert in California, using the barren landscape and distant mountains as a backdrop for a series of stark geometric formations made from wooden cubes. The pyramidal structure of Telluris (Latin for earth or ground) rises from the desert floor like a mirage and evokes the abstracted form of a mountain. Installed on a billboard and set within the New England landscape, Telluris can also be seen as a gateway.

Framed by the curtains of two majestic weeping beech trees and situated within a world of lush color, the black and white desert terrain appears as a window into another time and dimension. The image-object hybrid encourages reflection on the slippery boundaries between fact and fiction, abstract symbols and physical objects, and the manufactured and organic.