Unix Gallery is pleased to present Eugenio Merino` s latest work: Forever Chavez.

Eugenio was born in Madrid in 1975. He graduated at the Complutense University of Madrid.He is specially known for his ability to create artistic characters, and his work is quickly gaining international acclaim.

Forever Chavez is the latest of Merino`s series on dictators, which started with Forever Franco.Others in the series include Forever Mao and Forever Fidel.

By Representing dictators, Marino intends to create art that makes people think of social matters and politics. The sculptures underline that Merino` sArt is simultaneously playful and powerful.

This double edge demonstrates his ability to convey messages through the use of irony and sarcasm.

The Artist sustains that though the lack of freedom is more strongly felt under the reigns of authoritarian governments, it a problem that persists even under in modern democracies and it affects millions of people.

As the issue still stands, he suggests that the reason might be because the perpetrators of such injustice are kept in a fridge.