Jennifer Wynne Reeves: All Right for Now opens in the Drawing Room on October 12. From the late 1990s until her too-early death from brain cancer in 2014, Jennifer Wynne Reeves (b. 1963, Royal Oak, MI) developed a reputation as an artist’s artist, garnering an intense and loyal following especially among fellow artists who appreciated her ability to load errant scribbles and globs of crusty paint with humor, narrativity, and poignant emotional affect. Her first museum show in New York, The Drawing Center exhibition will be a long overdue consideration of Reeves’s unique contribution to the dialogue between representation and abstraction that has preoccupied recent art. Featuring works on paper, Masonite, and wood, as well as notebooks and text pieces (Reeves wrote copiously and had a large fan base on Facebook), the exhibition will examine the power of line and color to render accessible deeply personal fears and desires. Organized by Claire Gilman, Chief Curator, with Rosario Güiraldes, Assistant Curator.

Organized by Claire Gilman, Chief Curator, with Rosario Guiraldes, Assistant Curator.

Jennifer Wynne Reeves: All Right for Now is made possible by the Jennifer Wynne Reeves Trust; Isabella Hutchinson and Diego Gradowczyk; the Toby Devan Lewis Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland; Fiona and Eric Rudin; Beth Rudin DeWoody and Firooz Zahedi; David Steinhardt; Lee and Louis Reeves; Blick Art Materials, LLC; FM Brush Company; Steve Shane; Dan Lebson and Tom Wilinsky; David Reed; Bernadette Ward and Ladd Forsline, Colorfin; Elena and Holden Stein; and anonymous donors.