Matèria is pleased to present La molla, Marta Mancini’s first solo show at the gallery, opening on Thursday October 4.

The exhibition is comprised of a selection of large scale paintings, within which are condensed the results of the Artist’s most recent production. All the works are created between 2017 and 2018.

The paintings exhibited, imbued with metalinguistic content, question the pictorial act and its existence within the space, starting from the elemental presence of the brushstroke. Within the paintings the gestural is constantly redefined, questioning the logic that sees in juxtaposition the opposed categories of the abstract and the immanent, the mobile and the representational, the premeditated and the intuitive.

The creative process adopted by Marta Mancini can be extremely lengthy, often subject to stalls and unexpected openings, before embracing its conclusive outcomes. Once finalised, numerous peculiarities concur in characterising the paintings: their impact is seemingly in line with the tableau vivant, whilst concurrently alien from the narrative and the metaphorical; the presence of syntactical and compositional shifts, with their results exemplified even within the most marginal of details; a syncopated twitching tenor that emerges directly from their linguistic structuring. Furthermore, the recourse to an acid and saturated color palette is structurally revealed within the constructive process of the pictorial surface.

The exhibition, accompanied by a curatorial essay by Pericle Guaglianone, can be visited until November 24, 2018.