Over the past twenty years, the Crow Museum of Asian Art has grown and flourished as the Asian art museum of Dallas. Founded by Margaret and Trammell Crow, we opened our doors on December 5, 1998, as a gift to the people and visitors of our city. Beginning with a selection of just over six hundred works, the Crow’s unique permanent collections have expanded to include more than one thousand artworks. We currently showcase the artistic achievements of more than six thousand years of arts and cultures from across Asia, including Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand, Tibet, and Vietnam. The museum’s exhibitions and public programs have been recognized regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The growth of our collections has been made possible by generous gifts from our members and the greater community, which we serve.

To honor those contributions, and to commemorate our founding and decades of operation, in the exhibition we display twenty masterworks from across our permanent collection. Each masterwork has been selected by and paired with a member of our community. We celebrate this extraordinary journey with you, our dedicated supporters, and thank you for your generosity and your love of the arts and cultures of Asia.

This exhibition is part of a celebration marking the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the Crow Museum of Asian Art.