Wallplay presents Liminal Scope I and new works from Brooklyn-based artist collaborative Hovver, as part of programming for ON CANAL. Liminal Scope is an immersive light and sound installation, in which three rings frame the transit of light through space. The audio-visual score enmeshes harmonic frequencies, rhythmic motion, and gradients of color, orchestrating a narrative which navigates tension and release. Reality is mutually constructed by human perception along with human limitation. The installation’s rings form an aperture that focuses and reveals a spatial quality of light, a quality which usually remains unseen. Liminal Scope is a meditation on these perceptual limitations as they relate to shared and individual perspectives on reality.

In addition to Liminal Scope I, the artists will also present a series of studies examining qualities of light and it properties. A tryptic of photographs will also be on display, capturing the visual phenomena of Liminal Scope I. The installation will be on view to the public from October 4th until November 1st, 2018 at 323 Canal Street , in conjunction with ON CANAL’S October programming at large.

Hovver is a collaboration between Brooklyn-based artists Katherine Brice and Chris Lunney. With backgrounds in architecture, design, and technology, the two create experiences that investigate physical perception and spiritual philosophies. Their work leads the viewer to become a participant, and aims to manifest visceral, ethereal, and introspective moments within body and mind.

Wallplay Network is an experiential marketplace that operates & programs empty retail spaces. The company mission is to repurpose vacant spaces around the world and utilize them as pop-up platforms. Wallplay operates vacant spaces until landlords secure permanent tenants, enabling property owners & brands to be patrons of culture. Wallplay has pioneered a unique 50-50 business model where the company is able to provide subsidized space for at least 50% of its annual use to creative projects, social impact startups, and curators by hosting commercial projects & pop-ups. Wallplay provides access to leading creative entrepreneurs, startups, arts organizations, storytellers, and thought leaders for experiential projects that push culture forward.

ON CANAL is a district for pop-ups where brands, artists & startups can test out new ideas and engage with the public in a high traffic location at the intersection of SoHo and TriBeCa. The districts 20+ storefronts are operated by Wallplay. ON CANAL’s program is co-curated by Vibes Studios, with the aim of creatively re-imagining retail. ON CANAL was created by Laura O’Reilly, CEO of Wallplay and Sonny Gindi of Vibes Studios, in partnership with an alliance of forward thinking property owners, led by father and son duo, Albert & Jack A Laboz of United American Land, LLC. Submit your ideas.