Carrie Able Gallery presents a solo exhibition of their namesake artist including brand new oil on linen works and an immersive virtual reality painting. “The Artist’s Song” is an exhibition by the Brooklyn based visual artist, poet and musician Carrie Able. This exhibition combines the scope of Able’s creative outlets. Curated by Damien Anger, the exhibition includes recent oil on linen works with the artist’s signature blend of representation and abstraction as well as a cutting edge immersive media virtual reality painting and an oil on guitar case.

Able has exhibited extensively from the Honolulu Museum of Art to the Toledo Museum of Art. Her work has been printed in pub- lications such as the National Geographic Traveler and private collections world wide exhibit Able’s paintings.

In 2016 Able published her first book of poetry titled “Painted Poetry”. On Sept 20th, 2017 Carrie Able’s debut solo album “fre- quency” was released on Itunes, Google Play, Amazon and Spo- tify, and celebrated with a performance at the Bowery Electric in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Jukely describes Able as a “haunt- ing singer-songwriter and guitarist”. While many say they have never heard anything like Able’s music, it has also been described as a link between The Doors, Patti Smith, and Lou Reed. Current- ly, Able is working on recording her second album with Grammy winning artist and music producer AMBE. As internationally recognized artist, poet and musician, Carrie Able was a keynote speaker at the Kristal Elma Festivali in Istan- bul on Oct 5th, 2017.

Able is currently an artist in residence at Jump into the Light; which is America’s first virtual reality cinema experience and play- lab. Courtesy of Deathless VR and Jump into the Light, an immer- sive Virtual Reality painting of Carrie Able’s will be on display in the gallery for this exhibition. While experiencing this fully immer- sive media, viewers will feel as if they are inside of the painting while hearing Able’s music and seeing parts of the visual media react to the sound waves. Exploring and developing this new way of art making, Able states it is more like “drawing sculpture” than painting.

While VR painting technology is a new cutting edge media, Able has been working with oil on linen for over twenty years. A work- ing portrait artist by the age of 14, Able’s earliest work focused on realism in the renaissance masters oil technique. However, her oil works of the past 8 years have increasingly danced the line be- tween representative and abstract. This exhibition showcases the diversity and inherent connection of Able’s broad media. Using no external visual references, imported files or sound bites, the artist creates directly from subconscious mind to hand.

This show presents Carrie Able’s new exhibition “The Artist’s Song”; a series of recently completed oil on linen works displayed amongst an oil on guitar case, music and immersive new media works. When we read one of Able’s poems, when we close our eyes while we listen to her music, we feel directly connected to her paintings. One of the most fascinating talents of Able is the ability to creatively express herself through so many techniques, giving us mutually inspired unique works of art.