Ten emerging artists in their teens and twenties are exhibiting at Espacio Gallery from 5-10 September. Some are showing their work for the first time whilst others are also featured in this year’s Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

This year is the second anniversary of Espacio Gallery’s annual Unbound show championing young artists. Come and steal a march on the art establishment and see the future of Brit Art now.

Sixteen-year-old Sarah Laverty’s twin passions are football and art. Her focus is on portraiture where she seeks to capture raw emotion. Ellie Eady received a Distinction in her Art Foundation and is an aspiring video game designer who is most moved by nature, meditation and stillness.

For this year’s show Ralph Overill’s work explores the uncharted territories of the planet’s deep oceans as he imagines a world of organic canyons and unknown creatures. Chris Ofili and Yinka Shonibare are important inspirations for Rebecca Oloidi who brings the bright colours of her Nigerian culture into her work.

Urban image-maker Tonatiuh Bieletto was first drawn to photography while experimenting with his mother’s 35mm SLR camera. Although he mostly works in digital format, he occasionally return to film to keep in touch with photography’s roots. Rachel McCourt is fascinated by the power of stencils, using spray acrylic to build up layers of meaning in her politically-inspired work. She designs t-shirts and logos and also loves to sketch faces and the human form.

Shakira Walker-Allen has just begun her artistic journey and is showing at Espacio Gallery for the first time this year. Her current work reflects her interest in still life, focusing on flowers, plants and fruit. She also designs clothes and shoes. Bonnie Scott has loved cartoons and animation since she was tiny. Her artistic style has been enriched by her experiments with the many styles she’s seen on TV and in print.

Rosslyn Postlewaite is a self-confessed ‘doodleholic’ who is fascinated by people and patterns, and loves to create collages working in traditional and digital ways. Inspiration often comes to her in the form of stories, her own and other people’s.

This year’s show also features a painting from the BeMe Project. The project works with young women using art as a therapeutic tool allowing them to explore feeling, thoughts and emotions in a safe creative environment as they respond to a series of questions to guide the process.

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