The Fine Art Society Contemporary presents Natural Selection, a group show of international contemporary artists dealing with the duality between the manmade and natural. The exhibition includes photography, painting, sculpture, installation and drawings.

The exhibition considers the relationship between built and natural environments. Some works such as Janet Laurence’s photographic installations explore the way in which urban and manmade activity can be threatening and others point to instances of harmony between the two forces, for instance Peter Newman’s cityscapes and Paul Davies’ evocative paintings of modernist buildings in powerful landscapes.

Gina Soden and Angela Palmer consider the destructive and overwhelming power of natural forces in their own unique ways. Soden’s painterly photographs depict mother nature reclaiming abandoned and derelict buildings left to ruin. In her dolls house installation Palmer allows wild ivy to suffocate the symbol of our civilized architecture.

Stephen Sack elicits a sense of awe at the micro processes of the plant world and how they have a key part to play in modern science. Mario Rossi’s paintings play with the sensation of the sublime in nature, presenting both beauty and danger in his watercolour seascapes. Finally, Stewart Helm’s overwhelming ink drawings present the indeterminable boundaries between the animal world and humankind.