The Meltforms exhibition consists of a series of glass and metal sculptural lightboxes illuminated with internal LED lights. We began working with glass about a year ago, attracted to its natural beauty and luminous qualities. Along with setting up our own small glass studio, we started working with various glass craftspeople and facilities to produce a new series of glass works, the Meltform lightboxes being one of our initial experimental and art-related launches, to be followed by a more production-oriented, functional lighting line in 2019. Each Meltform work is unique. Different colors of glass are melted in furnaces and poured onto a steel plate, where they are folded into each other while molten and then rolled through a steel mill to flatten them into sheets, creating unique patterns as the glass colors melt and fuse into each other.

The Meltform lightboxes combine several practices we’ve worked with in the past. The lightbox concept and form grew out of our Lumalight series, which consists of hand formed acrylic with LED lighting to create minimal, ambient light installations. The metal frames, which are hand made from solid brass, bronze and patinated steel, use similar processes and techniques we use in our cladded metal furniture, including Mushroom City and some pieces in the Astral Projection series.

The sequencing of similar but non-continuous imagery into organic wholes using multiple parts relates to a common theme in Daniele’s art photography practice. In visual perception, the pattern making inclinations of the mind naturally favor the creation of connection over discontinuity. Visual patternmaking and connection is connected to larger cognitive processes in general, and subconsciously informs how we understand the world. Luminosity, pattern and color are primal while also being phenomena that lead us into higher states of mind.