Caldwell Snyder Gallery invites you to join us for the opening of Geometry of Chance, featuring new paintings by Deladier Almeida, as well as a book signing, on Thursday November 1, from 5:30-7:30pm. Exhibition will continue through November 30. RSVP requested.

With a rich palette and luscious brushwork, Deladier Almeida infuses vitality into each of his brilliantly observed landscapes. His images of California’s varied terrain, depicted from a bird’s-eye view that Almeida achieves by flying over regions of the state in helicopters or small planes, are alive with texture and movement.

Almeida’s landscape paintings reflect a skill and intelligence that allows them to stake out a territory unto themselves. Del’s paintings are neither traditionally nor predictably beautiful. They are quirky and “deceptive” in a positive manner. Part of Almeida’s magic is the sophisticated way he pivots back and forth between representational art and abstraction. The viewer, especially the casual one, feels comfort in the familiar rural landscape imagery. But then, a closer look reveals elements that betray a playful mind at work behind the keen observation. The artist confounds his audience, producing a reassuring superficial reality and then shaking it up by digging deeper.