Wunderkammern is glad to present the first Italian solo show of the American artist Tavar Zawacki: Shapeshifting, in the Milan gallery.

Tavar Zawacki (USA, 1981), known until 2016 with the pseudonym ABOVE, is an American artist who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Encouraged by a family of artists, he began an early graffiti production in California in 1996 taking his pieces of art in 100 cities and in over 60 different countries. In all his work, the artist shows a remarkable graphic mastery that has allowed to create a powerful and distinctive visual language over the years. This force is evident both in the political and social stencils under the name of ABOVE and in the new harmonies of sought-after shapes and colors conceived as Tavar Zawacki. The metamorphosis of the artist did not happen only from the stylistic point of view, but also from the personal view:

Neil Armstrong said it best ‘It’s one small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind.’ It’s strange but I felt like I’ve accomplished the impossible when I decided I was ready to make my step to coming out of my shadow, and start creating new works with my name, Tavar Zawacki. It’s a small step for most people to look at, but it allows me complete freedom to create new artworks.

(Tavar Zawacki)

His works are characterized by a variety of applications and design solutions without limits, from his typical upward-pointing arrows to geometries of all kinds, supported by the use of different painting techniques including Op Art and trompe-l'oeil, generating the creation of optical games and illusions of depth with the manipulation of shadows. Tavar's avant-garde painting style, both for his murals and for his paintings and sculptures, is thus distinguished by a vast field of colors and a geometric abstraction that places the viewer in a perceptual dialogue.

Wunderkammern presents Tavar Zawacki's solo show, SHAPESHIFTING, for the first time in Italy at the Milan gallery. For this occasion the artist has decided to reflect on the concept of metamorphosis intended in a personal and artistic sense, testing himself with the use of different types of shapes and colors. The exploration of different forms and their intersections is seen by Tavar as a stimulating game and a continuous experimentation, materializing in a visual aesthetic and in a use of techniques that enhance the color. The geometric shapes are combined freely as if they were puzzles, leaving the viewer the opportunity to look at his works from multiple angles. Medium - large canvases and sculptures of various sizes sometimes set on white walls, sometimes on walls with contrasting colors will be present in the show.