Kiyomi creates abstract spaces that explore the movement and evolution of the cosmos and the human spirit. Both these dimensions…physical and spiritual…are infused with the same universal life force moving toward balance and harmony. Her work flows naturally without planning from the unconscious, personal and collective, and strives to reach a similar depth in the observer. She is inspired by everyone she meets and by all sensations she experiences.

Technology is driving us both closer together and further apart. Boundaries of all types are fading, but new ones are arising. Tribes are forming then morphing like clouds in a turbulent sky. We struggle to understand and adapt, but ultimately surrender to the tempo and dance of our times.

Yet, the spirit within us is unchanging. I look at the sky. I feel the sun. I embrace my friends as they struggle and celebrate their achievements. I am grateful for the richness of all these moments and for the beauty of our planet. I want to share some of these feelings of “Celebrations” through my works. I hope my work helps you experience a taste of such joy in the midst of all the fast paced changes occurring in our world.