Ivy Brown Gallery is proud to introduce Zoobs to New York City.

Zoobs has been living and working in London and is going to consolidate his experience and talents in his first solo show in New York City.
The show will feature some of his well known pieces as well as new works created for this show, hence consolidating his talent's into one cohesive exhibition. This is not just a exhibit, Zoobs is relocating to New York and it is a celebration of his arrival and an introduction to New York. We are honored to be working with Zoobs and New York will be a better place for having him in it.

'My images are neither illustrations nor photographs. They stand somewhere in between the two in their full technicolour or monochromatic glory and magazine-like glossiness, often verging on the unreal or fantasy.' - Zoobs

Zoobs is a visual artist working within the realm of fashion, photography, design and art direction. Studying Fine Art at the Slade School Of Art and later gaining a degree in Graphic Design and Photography from Kingston University, Zoobs was awarded a priceless internship at Shiseido Cosmetics in Japan on the strength of his art directional skills combined with photography and design. This was followed by his appointment to work as a designer and photographer at the Paris headquarters of the same company, assisting serge lutens, the then creative director for shiseido. Taking inspiration from the theatrical shootings of Shiseido campaigns, the immaculately prepared models and the thought provoking creative direction of Serge Lutens, Zoobs moved on to further explore and immerse himself in the creative route of fashion photography and image making.

Shortly after his return to London, the striking works of Zoobs attracted immediate attention as he stepped into the art market with his debut solo exhibition. Death, magic, love and deep emotions are recurring themes in the haunting works of zoobs, which at times possess a sinister and dark character reflecting the artist’s own torments from when he was a child. Having lost a parent at a young age, Zoobs sought to fill the emotional void and immediately took refuge in art and creativity.

Today, despite his inner inhibitions, Zoobs creates a surreal world, wrapped up in fantasy and dreamland, where each portrayed emotion is a reflection of the reality surrounding the artist himself.

“In essence, when I create images, I lose myself in a visual dream of perfection.” - Zoobs

With a fine art background, Zoobs is inspired by illustrators and painters – Tamara De Lempicka’s stylized statuesque women, Modigliani’s haunting portraits, Andy Warhol’s glamorous Monroes and Alphonse Mucha’s highly stylized illustrations. The creative process of Zoobs, however, is somewhat reminiscent of Man Ray, one of few photographers that inspire the artist. His innovative approach to shooting does not abide to any rule book, as he allows the image to go on a journey where the destination point is unknown, not even to Zoobs himself. And thus the magical images are created – enraptured by freedom, vulnerability and spontaneity.

The artist continues to create breathtaking iconic images. He travels extensively and incorporates different cultures and their representations into his images. Zoobs is also the co-founder of Freedom From Sorrow platform for raising awareness and funds for worldwide charities aiding children’s welfare.

Zoobs was born in London and has spent the last seven years there, he travels and works globally and will base himself in New York as of late August 2013. Zoobs will be working with Ivy Brown in New Work on a creative project, starting with Zoobs' first US solo show 'Consolidate The Experience', showcasing his most iconic pieces to date.