The Painting Center presents a group of distinct abstracted, observed and imagined landscapes by Susan Post, her third exhibition at the gallery.

These paintings are about disinhibition, attentiveness, and expression, and are meant to be an authentic record of her experience in the studio, as uninfluenced as possible by external considerations. One of the more interesting things about painting is the interplay between spontaneity and control. But just as navigating life itself is not a matter of merely deciding between clear options, painting also is about much more than a series of dichotomies, and never stops developing. In this exhibition, Post resists a common practice of presenting a monoculture of work, choosing instead to embrace autonomy and permutation.

A native New Yorker relocated to the Boston area, Post is a graduate of Princeton University and earned her MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Post also enjoys collaborative projects and is a member of the international collective Maniac, currently participating in Manic Episode 6 at the Urban Hive in Sacramento, California on view through January.