Tabla Rasa Gallery is pleased to present Tom Bennett: Paintings and Master Prints, a solo exhibition and sale of Tom Bennett’s artwork opening on Sunday, December 9, from 2:30-5:00 PM with a wine and cheese reception for the artist.

Tom Bennett’s artwork is recognizable for its impassioned brushwork, bold compositions, and rich subject matter. His work embraces art history, abundant with homages to heroic works, bucking horses and classical nudes.

In addition to his dynamic paintings, Tabla Rasa will feature a series of unframed mono-types for acquisition by both the seasoned and novice collector. Among them are images of figures that seem to breathe with life force, and storms that roil on the horizon. Mono-types, a form of print in which an image is created on a plate and then transferred to paper, is an ideal vehicle for the spontaneity of Mr. Bennett’s drawing talents. The inked plate yields only one “unique” image, not an edition of multiples as in other printmaking techniques.