THE CLUB is pleased to announce Naoya Inose’s first solo exhibition “Blue”.

I make paintings as a response to intimate personal problems, as well as to various social and environmental issues. Painting is beyond language, a tool with which the visual allows people to instantly share information across the globe.

Inose’s work explores the tension between the natural world and its grasping appropriation by human influence. Inose uses oil painting techniques to create both meticulously realistic landscapes and abstract oil paintings on canvas. His works of art create an inquiry of our relationship and understanding of nature. Inose also creates a debate on the role of the original masterpieces and how this has changes in the contemporary postmodern world. Influenced by landscape paintings of Romanticism and color composition paintings by Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman, he represents the dynamism of nature on canvases. Based in London, Inose was a participant of 20th DOMANI, and has exhibited his works in museums such as The National Art Center Tokyo and Takamatsu City Museum of Art.

The exhibition theme “Blue” is manifold in its meaning. We may dive into the blue with our sight, as the color alludes to atmospheres, skies or seas we can fly into, as well as its gloomy melancholic feeling. The exhibition depicts a narrative of the artist's development in his style, evolving from super realistic paintings to current painterly paintings. By showing his old and new works together, we hope you enjoy all those kinds of “Blue” expressed by the artist.