The exhibition at MUSAC is a retrospective of her work that showcases her extensive trajectory from the 1970s to the present day. More than a hundred works lead us in a chronological journey through the different stages — although it is difficult to define periods, it is possible to highlight the decade of the 1970s, that of 1980s and 1990s onwards — marking her artistic career to this day.

In fact, the exhibition includes works from every decade up to the present time, including some pieces specifically made for this show.

Teresa Gancedo brings painting back to its origin, not so much because of the primitivistic or Romanesque references of her work, although they are also present, but especially because of the impulse and function of these paintings. They refer us to expressive, magical and religious needs related to human concerns linked to animistic, sympathetic, votive or propitiatory rites: fertility, nourishment, attraction of natural beneficial forces, harmony with the divine, spiritual well-being, salutary actions, blessings of all kinds, etc.