The group exhibition SHAPE! brings together Jessica Buhlmann, Li-Wen Kuo, Maria Schumacher and Karolin Schwab. Four artists, in whose painterly and installative works the focus is on the process of shape and color.

Circles, semicircles, squares, rectangles, dots and lines – color and shape, sometimes monochrome, sometimes translucend, organic, geometric, superimpose each other, moving away from the canvas, over the walls, into the room and back onto the canvas.

In the interplay between controlled surfaces and spontaneous, intuitively set painterly gestures, each of the positions shown appears in their very own language and narrative style about balance, composition and asymmetry. Color and shape, in our perception bounded in an inseparable relationship, are used both in their intrinsic value and as a carrier. Overlays and points of contact arise, which can develop into reference-, start- and final-points.

In addition, a dialogue emerges: within each of the color and form elements, with the space that surrounds them, as well as with the other artistic positions that surround them. Whether a shape or a color stood at the beginning of the respective artistic process, can perhaps not be determined clearly. Clearly visible, however, is the desire to bring in form and to – shape!