Educated at the Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe and master student of Andreas Slominski, Berlin based artist Wolfgang Ganter (*1978) is creating individual and technically outstanding photographical artworks.

His works, which may appear picturesque at first glance, are a result of a complex production procedure.

Slides and color negatives, bought from private inheritances or just found randomly on the streets, sometimes created by the artist himself, are exposed to biological and chemical processes. Systematically settled cultures of bacteria invade the slide's emulsion and create on its surface a picturesque composition, conducted by the artist.

The following editing process from small sized dimension into computer generated large scaled works mounted on wood, creates photographical series like 'Bacterially', 'Works in Progress' or 'Lost Moments'. Every single piece of these series offers the observer a glance into the work of microorganisms, full of surprisingly shapes and fascinating colors.