Turpentine presents its 10th issue, with Simon Bergala, Jean-Luc Blanc, Cécile Bouffard, Oscar Chan Yik Long, Mimosa Echard, and Jonathan Martin. Turpentine is a zine edited since 2013 by Jean-Luc Blanc, Mimosa Echard, Jonathan Martin, and their guests: Martine Aballéa, Bettina Blanc-Penther, Michel Blazy, Bruno Botella, Anne Bourse, Bertrand Dezoteux, Sylvie Fanchon, Thomas Fougeirol, Laura Gozlan, Louise Hallou, Yu Ji, Andrew Lewis, Ji-min Park, Emilie Pitoiset, Clément Rodzielski, Jo-ey Tang and Camille Vivier.

Turpentine organized or took part in previous exhibitions, events and screenings at Goton, Paris; the Salzburger Kunstverein; Beeler Gallery, CCAD, Columbus; Mac Val, Ivry; Florilège vol.1 (Sangama), Paris; galerie Samy Abraham, Paris; K11 Art Foundation, Shanghai; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; galerie Anne Barrault, Paris; and ForYourArt, Los Angeles.

After pursuing studies in Geography, Simon Bergala attended the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Lyon and the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg. He has since lived and worked in Berlin, Los Angeles and Paris. His work has been exhibited at Hinterconti and HFBK, Hamburg; at Kolonie Wedding, Berlin; at Frac Limousin, Limoges; at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibition; at the Institut d’Art Contemporain, Villeurbanne for “Rideaux/Blinds”; at la Tôlerie, Clermont-Ferrand and very recently at Crac Alsace, Altkirch, in the exhibition “Il pleut, Tulipe”. He writes about artists and in the frame of research work, recently in “Le temps suspendu” with the ACTH group (Art Contemporain et Temps de l’Histoire) in partnership with the ENSBA Lyon and the EHESS Paris published by the Presses universitaires de Lyon.

Jean-Luc Blanc was born in 1965 in Nice. He lives and works in Paris. He is interested in the role of images, and more particularly in the representation of the human figure. By their occasional coarseness, the works often manage to undergo a process of de-subjectivism and break free from the average editing processes of contemporary imagery; redefining the idea of desire by operating a detachment between his subject and its context while at the same time introducing a notion of absurdity.

Born in 1987 in Paris, Cécile Bouffard graduated from the École des Beaux-arts in Lyon in 2014. Her work was exhibited in several group shows, including “Le Quart d’heure américain” (Mains d’Œuvres, Paris, 2017); “Curator Exquis” (Greylight Project, Brussels, 2018); and “Citizen Collision” (Réfectoire des Nonnes, ENSBA Lyon, 2018). She is preparing a solo exhibition at Centre d’art contemporain Les Capucins, Embrun, in 2019. Co-founder of the artist-run space Pauline Perplexe in Arcueil, she has set up a network of collaborations with the artists she gets to meet and work with. She has curated several exhibitions there, including “Serrez pas trop” in 2017, and “L’incompatible Vugo” in 2018.

Oscar Chan Yik Long was born in 1988, in Hong Kong. He lives and works in Hong Kong and Paris. He graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University in 2011. His practice focuses on personal experiences through different media including installation, drawing, painting, most of which are site-specific. The works explore the conditions of life, and how individuals associate themselves with others. The micro proposition of his work in recent years is fear, his artistic approach is distinguished by its confessional quality. Recent solo exhibitions include “Soliquid” (Things That Can Happen, Hong Kong, 2017) and “The Devil, Probably” (Observation Society, Guangzhou, 2015); group exhibitions include “Divided We Stand” (Busan Biennale, Busan, 2018); “A Tree Fell in the Forest and No One’s There” (Power Station of Art, Shanghai, 2018); “Crush” (Para Site, Hong Kong, 2018); “Mountain Sites: View of Laoshan” (Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing, 2016); and “A Journal of the Plague Year” (Kadist Art Foundation and The Lab, San Francisco, 2015).

Mimosa Echard was born in 1986 in Alès. She appropriates dead and living matter, playing on both an illusion of living and the skilful dosage of poisons and their antidotes. Her underlying botanical knowledge drives the act of collecting and composing, not solely linked to an inquiry into material but also to a possibility of being infected by it. Recent group exhibitions in 2017 include “Le Reve des Formes” (Palais de Tokyo, Paris); “Pre- capital” curated by Nicolas Bourriaud (La Panacée, Montpellier); “Independence Day 2” (Sommer Gallery, Tel Aviv); “The Plates of the Present, So Far” (Praz-Delavallade, Paris). In 2016, Echard was part of “Faisons de l’inconnu un allié” (Lafayette Anticipation, Paris), following her residency at Fondation d’Entreprise des Galeries Lafayette in 2015; and “Destroy the image and you will break the enemy” (Project room, Chez Valentin, Paris, 2014). Echard lives and works in Paris and L’Île-Saint-Denis.

Jonathan Martin was born in 1986 in Les Lilas. His practice assembles various formats: 16 mm films, music videos, posters, assemblages, installations, drawings and zines. Recomposing systems formed of echoes, migrations, tensions and interactions between esthetic and cultural motifs that are at times quite unrelated, Jonathan Martin views art as a poetics of passage where permutations and displacements offer the possibility of a new narrative. Recent exhibitions and screenings include “A Night of Philosophy and Ideas” (Brooklyn Public Library, New York, 2018); “Turpentine 8” (Goton, Paris, 2018); “Runes/frise” for the journal L’Homme aux cent yeux (Le Plateau / Frac Île-de-France, Paris, 2016).