For his first collaboration with Galerie Houg, Maxime Duveau proposes a journey into two chapters ; Chapter 1 will take place on our booth E18 on DrawingNowParis 2017, from 23 to 26 March 2017; Chapter 2, in the gallery from 25 March to 06 May 2017.

Doc just woke me up with phone calls and hellish ringtones. Just enough time to put on a clean shirt and embark one of those delicious banana sandwiches that everybody loves in town.

This takes place on the heights nearby the Observatory, I see Doc away and Brook who is taking shots. I met Brook during a sinister case at Bates on Sunset Blvd, and he has been my new assistant for some weeks. He still hesitates between the criminal and the Rock scene, although, as I told him, both aren't that isolated one from another. Meanwhile he helps me on some records in order to get an idea of the profession. I slam the car door, check that I have my viagra belgique notebook, my cigarettes and when I get near them, each of us light up one in perfect harmony.

Then I start the hostilities.

Well, what do we have this time Doc?
Another admirer of the Strip inspector. We have tire tracks over there, a V. engraved on the tree and sweet scent of redwoods
That damn V. follows us everywhere.
No trace of DNA but that's something at least. What about the dogs?
They followed the tracks until the Strip and as always they got lost at the Whisky a Go Go
Obviously. What about the forensics?
Not arrived yet. Odds on the dahlia killer
What about the heads?
Hunting at cocos or with a girl of Hugues Inspector
Any witnesses?
Usual ones. Junkie surfers, fans of Dan Fante and Frank Zappa under acid, nothing really serious
Looks like we are going to make this on our own. Any ideas about who we are looking for?
Not really but what's funny is to look for it, no?
Yes... that's true. By the way, are we sure there is a killer in this story?
Nothing is less certain, boss
Alright then. Guys we take my car and I drive. we are going for a stroll in our good old city of angels, shake some palm trees and see what falls out.