Andrea Ravo Mattoni and Will Barras will be the next two artists to exhibit at the Galo Art Gallery. Both these artists have exhibited in the Galo Art Gallery in the past and we are excited to see their new body of work for this duo show. The latest body of work by the Italian – Swiss artist Andrea Ravo Mattoni concentrates on the goal to “recover classicism in contemporary”. His body of work will include artworks on canvas and paper.

Will Barras from London will be showing 4 new abstract based works in ink and gouache as well as his classic figurative paintings that distinguish him in the international art scene. We look forward to seeing you at the opening on Friday the 2nd of November.

Will Barras is an artist, illustrator and animation director living and working in London. He grew up in Birmingham and moved to Bristol to study graphic design. Will became one of a new crop of young artists working within Bristol's world-renowned street art scene. This led to Will appearing in the book 'Scrawl',and becoming a founding member of the Scrawl collective. 'Scrawl' originally published in 1999 was a seminal book documenting a new movement in street art, graphics and illustration.

He was chosen as one of the original artists for the collective, noted for his representations of fluid movement, unique narrative-driven composition and line work. This has led Will to travel extensively, painting and exhibiting his paintings in Asia, throughout Europe and the U.S. "There is a fluidity and energy in Will's work that, although constantly changing, has always existed in a world entirely of his own making. His figures appear to be in a state of perpetual metamorphosis - caught for a brief moment between one manifestation and the next. always at the mercy of the swirling forces that surround them. From his early scanned and reworked doodles through to his recent, rich, mixed media work. Will has mastered every medium with a dynamism constant in all his work."Text by Felix Braun, author of "Children of the Can"

Andrea Mattoni was born in to a family of artists from Varese on April 7th, 1981 , his father Carlo, conceptual-behavioral artist, uncle Alberto, famous illustrator for the creation of the character Lillibeth and his grandfather Giovanni Italo, painter and author of some of the most important series of figurines for Liebig and Lavazza.

Andrea started drawing from his early years immersed in an extremely stimulating world. He began using the name Ravo in 1995, when he began his adventure as a (graffiti) writer. This activity continues until the beginning of 2000s, when he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, partially abandoning the use of the spray can for research using oil and acrylic on canvas. In 2003, he created and founded together with two friends the space THE BAG ARTFACTORY in the Bovisa district of Milan, which became a real attraction for artists. Later he became assistant to the curator Manuela Gandini in Gigi Rigamonti's gallery Artandgallery in Milan. At the same time, he began his collaboration as an artist with several art galleries, which led him to deepen his pictorial research, and in parallel his work with spray can, reporting what he has experimented on canvas for years directly on the wall. His growing interest in classical art, a family tradition that has become a part of his life and his academic studies, leads to a project in 2016 "recovery of classicism in the contemporary": the intent is to recreate great masterpieces of the past with spray on the wall, making them accessible to all, also creating a bridge with the museum institutions that conserve them.