Riccardo Crespi gallery presents New Obstacles, the third solo exhibition in the gallery by the Danish artist Søren Lose.

In his works Søren Lose mainly uses the photographic medium, not to emphasize the representation of reality, but to indicate the need for interpretation: true knowledge is based on the screening of different perspectives.

In this sense, historical photos from the collection of the Royal Library in Copenhagen are rearranged to suggest an unusual point of view of well-known monuments and to push the observer to further study. The series Gothic Deconstructions consists of collages of late 19th Century photographs, portraying the Gothic cathedrals of Milan, Cologne and Rouen, arranged in multiple overlapping layers, to add more dimensions to the images. The original photographs are heavily marked by time and retouched, but instead of disguising these imperfections, the artist has accentuated them by adding pastel, pencil and varnish. Moreover, the simple but radical gesture of of overturning the images refers to the large format cameras with which the original photographs were taken, in which the image appears precisely upside down, transforming the familiar into something uncanny.

In the Monuments series the artist goes further digitally isolating public monuments, photographed during his trips to places such as Lisbon, Beijing, Berlin and Copenhagen among others. In miniature narrative analogies that ignores the original context, scale and style, the monuments are transformed into small historical political tales, open to personal interpretation.

The work Erections completes the exhibition. It is a collection of images ironically associated with the same theme, refined mockery of the interpretation of History.