MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea is thrilled to present the solo exhibition of Norwegian photographer Rune Guneriussen, titled Traces of Affection, at the gallery in Turin.

The exhibition furthers the artist’s exploration and transition between photography and installation, in which photography is the end point. Guneriussen is a conceptual artist who creates “site specific” works, especially in natural contexts that – from 2005 – he has been searching all over Norway.

His works cannot be considered just photo shoots, but they are sculptures and installations designed on a large scale, following an intricate process that involves the object, its history, what surrounds it and the time. In this process, photography is the conclusive moment: the condensation of a creative path built on more levels.

The work is realized on the spot, in complete loneliness, surrounded by unusual and wild landscapes. The natural context plays a double role: it is at the same time framework and protagonist of the installations, created by using objects of everyday use. In the rarefied silence of Norwegian nature, Guneriussen sets lamps, books, telephones, chairs, that sound as if they were amplified in an echo, as the artist explains in the title.

The process is concluded by the photographic shoot in analog format: the pictures are not edited in post production. The final effect is a fascinating union between nature and objects: they lose their peculiarity of human product as they come to life and dominate the scene, they become immutable as nature elements and they change the landscape from natural to fairy.