The art gallery Third Millennium is honoured to present the solo Exhibition of the Artist Ester Crocetta in occasion of 55. Biennal of Venice "The Encyclopedic Palace".

The Artist Ester Crocetta presents a collection of her multiforms and flamboyant paintings and some of her sculptures and everyday objects. The works of this Artist bursting with vitality and energy. Works have a sincere fairytale connotation that enhances the mysterious contents.

Into these works the unconscious breaks into the arts and nothing will be the same again. This is the discovery of fascinating and scheming world, a new way to see the changes of reality, from physical landscape to a soul's movement.

Ester Crocetta from Abruzzo, has captured the attention of National and International Institutions of Art although she is very young. Recently she has exhibited at the Pechino's World Art Museum (China).

This exhibition project is realized by the Cultural Association Essenzamatteria , in collaboration with the Art Gallery III Millennium. The Art Director Mr. Nicola Eremita will introduce the works.

Ester Crocetta was born at Loreto Aprutino, in the province of Pescara. She graduated art school at the Penne's Art Statal Institute. She took part in her first group exhibition in 1996 in Pescara.

She in is a national and international exhibitor. She has exhibited her works in China at the World Art Museum, one of the most important museums of Beijing. Ester Crocetta got many awards from Academies and International Institutions. Beetwen them stands the XXX International Prize "Medusa Aurea" in Rome and the Presidency Prize PUL 2008, promoted from the Calabria and Cosenza University.

Ester Crocetta is founding member of Air Foundation that promotes the Abruzzo's Territory Prize. She collaborated with Achille Bonito Oliva, Oliviero Toscani, Elio Fiorucci, Mario Botta.

On 2011 she collaborated with the Ministry of Justice, Court of Pescara as art connoiseur.

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