Ever inspired by overlooking the Tay where I live, surrounded by rolling lush landscapes, seascapes, colour, and most importantly pattern. I see pattern everywhere I look – stripes, chevrons, dots, dashes, abstract composition, layer upon layer of repetition of marks and textured surfaces. These are all frequently referenced from ploughed fields, tractor trails, dried seed heads of wild flowers and weeds, fences and boundaries (both new and decayed),rolling hills of crops and forests. With each season this shifts and evolves, continuing to supply never ending possibilities of how pattern may be layered onto cloth. Overall, the entire design process from ideas, drawings, development, fabric sampling, application of dyes and print processes is an organic reflection of where I live, work and raise my family. All of these factors are contained within my work.

The print process and how the colour is applied to the cloth is a careful process; the dyes, background colour and order in which the pattern and colour is applied. Often I start off with white fabric and gradually build up the colour in layers. This adds depth and intensity to the pieces. All of the fabrics that I favour such as cashmere and linen are hand woven in local Scottish mills. Using the highest quality base cloth to work on, makes a huge difference to the way in which the fabric receives and conveys colour and the pattern applied. All of the printing is done in my studio in Balmerino.

Recently I have been developing unique clothing, looking at how print lies on the cloth in relation to the shape of a garment, in the creation of simple silhouetted shapes, which can flatter and enhance the figure. The skirts are simple in shape and these are constructed in natural fabrics, aimed to become a dependable wardrobe favourite which can be dressed up or down.

I am continuing to develop my cashmere scarves, which are a joy to create, the cashmere absorbs dye easily; printing and hand painting, each one are all unique. Overall, I feel that my work is moving forward in exciting directions, which is a translation of the joy I derive from the patterns and landscapes around me – and that I hope will be a pleasure to own and wear for many years. - Jane Keith, July 2013