Anat Ebgi is pleased to present The Conversation, a month-long project in San Francisco, located at 1275 Minnesota Street.

We’ve been hearing of the promise for the Hyperloop forever – the almost legendary mode of transport which would bridge the 350 mile distance between Los Angeles and San Francisco with a 35 minute travel time. The train never came to the station, so we’re going to lay the tracks ourselves.

So close, yet so far away, we want to initiate a deeper connection with San Francisco, to begin a long-term conversation about our own program, as well as understand the nuances of a city located in the same state. For the full month of January, the gallery will host an extended pop-up at Minnesota Street Project, to begin meeting our friends and neighbors to the north.

The Conversation is a group presentation from our roster of artists including Martin Basher, Ethan Cook, Chris Coy, Amie Dicke, Alec Egan, Jibade-Khalil Huffman, An Te Liu, Jason Bailer Losh, Jordan Nassar, Neil Raitt, Jay Stuckey, Samantha Thomas, alongside Sara Berman, Michael John Kelly, Gideon Rubin, Robert Russell, Caroline Walker, Sarah Ann Weber, and Janet Werner. This eclectic group of artists, working across a range of media and interests, showcase the gallery’s commitment to formal experimentation and dialogue with materiality and process-driven work.