Heskin Contemporary is pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by the painter Fred Escher. The opening reception will be held on September 12, 6-9pm.

Fred Escher paints what he "was" and what he "is". As the artist explains..."I have always worn khaki paints, boxer shorts, blue shirts and Sperry Top Siders. I had red hair and big feet and always wished I had a friend that look just like me (not a twin) a friend that lived parallel to me. Like a mirror and not a shadow. He would be very smart in school, spell all the words right and add and subtract and speak Latin. His parents were scientists that discovered how animals talk and could read peoples minds. I don't paint ideas or dreams or visions, I paint and draw what my parallel tells me to do, he does not talk to me (I am not crazy), he squirts feelings into my eyes, and they enter my body. Each painting is a squirt of joy that wets the canvas. It drys and dies to make room for a new painting. I start again and as long as my parallel is with me we work together, and we do not grow old."

Born in 1940 Wisconsin Escher received his MFA from the University of Wisconsin in 1967. In 1980 he received a National Endowment for the arts award. Escher has exhibited extensively in New York in the 1980's with Phyllis Kind Gallery and OK Harris. This is the first exhibition of paintings by Fred Escher in over twenty five years and the first exhibit with Heskin Contemporary.

The artist lives and works in New York City and Oaxaca, Mexico.