Galerie Mario Mazzoli presents the first German solo exhibition of French artist, Céleste Boursier‐Mougenot. The exhibition is curated by Mark Gisbourne.

The show presents entirely unique pieces as well as alternated and further developed existing concepts. Many works by Boursier‐Mougenot have to be considered as richly textured but continuously unfolding intellectual projects. Such as the untitled work that began as crockery floating in a paddling pool (1999‐ 2001) that will be shown in this exhibition. The piece has evolved into an extremely sophisticated environmental museum project, where each installation re‐embodies the work in the context of a new venue and reading.

The art installations of the Boursier‐Mougenot are investigations into sound‐space and presence, often using altered perceptual states of affective suspension and lateral comprehension. While trained formally as a composer‐musician he worked ten years in composition within the contemporary dance world. He has become subsequently a major international artist who has developed a uniquely individual view of the relationship and possibilities that pertain between sound and objects. In using domestic materials, sound equipment, and musical instruments as objects, as well as video loops, he has created sound installations that he calls his corps sonore works, which lead the viewer towards a unique set of individual sensory installation experiences.

A past Marcel Duchamp Prize finalist, Céleste Boursier‐Mougenot’s work has been presented in major exhibitions by leading international museums and galleries, including solo exhibitions at the Barbican Centre (London), Hangar Bicocca (Milan), La Maison Rouge (Paris), Pinacoteca do Estado (Sao Paulo), FRAC (Reims), Chagall Museum (Nice), Paula Cooper Gallery (NYC), and group exhibitions i.e. Art & Music: Search for New Synesthesia, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, 2012; French Art Today, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, 2011; My Paris – Collection Antoine De Galbert/ The French scene, me Collectors Room, Berlin, 2011; 21st Century: Art in the First Decade, Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, 2010; and the 3rd Moscow Biennale, Moscow, 2009.

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