Kate Oh Gallery is pleased to announce “The Color of Nature”, a solo exhibition by Korean Landscape Painter Sungho Cho. “The Color of Nature” will present a series of the artist’s most renowned works that he created over a few decades, capturing beautiful nature sceneries that he aimed to bring on to the canvas. Sungho Cho is a well-established artist from Seoul, South Korea. He’s had 24 times of Solo and invitational solo exhibitions held in Seoul Gallery, Lotte Gallery, Jang Eun Sun Gallery, Nowon Art Center and more. He served as a Chairman of Committee at The 37th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea, Standing Advisory Chairperson, Korean Fine Arts Association(KFAA), The 22nd Vice President at the KFAA, and the Former President at the Korea Modern Art Association SHIN KI HOE.

According to the artist’s note, he states that the biggest inspiration in his body of work is Nature as his appreciation in nature is what invited him to the world of art. The selection of the work, are depictions of the Santorini and Himalayan Mountains and other landscapes. The paintings showcase the magnificence impressions, big brushstrokes that run through the canvas filling up the space, along with his skillful yet spontaneous composition style. The choice of bold and strong color palettes reflects the beauty of changing landscape while the depth of tone resists the flatness of canvas. In a way, the quality of strong colors makes the physical application of paint free from the surface and becomes the subject in itself.

Through the delicate and exquisite delivery of his artistic vision, Sungho Cho’s work will invite a viewer into an intimate conversation with Nature.

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