New edition in the private circuit of the exhibition exhibited at Spazio Cesare da Sesto, proposes already famous installations such as "You are Alone" and "Burn my Shadow" along with some new unreleased series. The work of Giacomo Vanetti is characterized by a masterly use of analogical and digital photographic techniques, aimed at the representation of the theme for which the author has long been known: the body. A subject portrayed both in the multitude of repetition and in the naked and anonymous singularity, a necessary condition to make it a witness to the artist's research and poetic investigation. It is a fetish that emerges as a cut of light decomposed by dense dark landscapes, it is a concept, a witness to a deep and wide research towards a clearly spiritual dimension where the impossibility of recognizing the individual opens a gestalt towards the contemporary human condition.

In "You are Alone" the film takes a series of portraits of the same individual without the repetition of the shot, is a linear flow of images that depict that single moment in which the subject is fixed in the act of experiencing. A multitude of instants in which the sole theme is solitude. In Burn my shadow still a single theme is imprinted on an infinite single piece of film, it is the multiplication of the image that burns the material that generates the shadow, transient representation of a body and of the individual that is dissolved in the spirit .

Vanetti's photography is a matter of few elements, light, film and a long series of considerations on the vastness of contemporary human beings. The exhibition will also present the video installations and some preparatory studies of the most famous series.